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Uploading and Deleting Files

The upload tool of the File Manager is used to upload any files that will be used on your site.

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Uploading Files to the File Manager  - Click here for the Help Video

Step 1:

To upload a file, first open your File Manager by clicking on the File Manager button on your account dashboard.

Step 2:

Access the folder to which you would like to upload your files.

Step 3:

Click on the "Upload a File" button. This will open a window from which you can select any file on your computer. When you have located your file, click on it an click "Open" to add the file to the upload queue.

Note: If you upload a file that has the same file name as a file that has already been uploaded, a unique number will be added to the end of the older file name. For example, if you upload image.jpg, but image.jpg already exists in your File Manager, the old file will be image_200912759723.jpg.

Step 4:

Files will begin to upload. You can view the progress on the status bar that will appear.  

Deleting/ Moving Files

Step 1:

To delete or move a single file or group of files, check the box next to the file name(s) in the list of files and choose the appropriate option.

Step 2:

If you selected "Move to Folder," select the correct folder from the list at the top of the window.

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